Trending New Groom Wear Colour Combinations For This Wedding Season!

December 30 2018 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Trending New Groom wear Colour Combinations for This Wedding Season!
Credits: Pinterest

While we keep on updating you about the latest bridal trends, the grooms-to-be cannot be left behind! Moving on from mainstream cream, gold, and maroon combinations, the groom these days are taking a plunge and experimenting with their wedding outfits to match up to their fashion-forward soulmates. Selecting groom wear is equally exhilarating as a bride choosing her wedding lehenga. But make sure that whatever you pick matches your personality, sense of style and you're comfortable in wearing it. Keep your wedding theme in mind so that you don't end up looking different from everything. Here are some unique groom wear color combinations that we spotted off recently, for you to take some inspiration from! And if you're a bride-to-be reading this, ensure that your future husband knows about these unique trends.