Traversing The Lanes Of Bengali Weddings

December 10 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Traversing the Lanes of Bengali Weddings
Credits: The Wedding Story

Marriages in India are huge affairs, with each area and state holding them in their distinctive way. Weddings in India are celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm and intensity, regardless of whether they are held in the north, south, east, or west. Wedding rituals and celebrations are important in uniting two families under one roof to celebrate love and happiness! 

Bengali culture defines the cultural legacy of the Bengali people, who are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent's eastern parts, primarily what is now Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam's Barak Valley, where Bengali is the official and major language. Bengal has a history dating back 1,400 years and has one of Asia's most established literary traditions.

Bengali ladies often wear Saris, which are often distinctively made to reflect local cultural norms. Many ladies and men in metropolitan regions dress in Western-style clothing. Traditional clothes for men include the Dhoti or Lungi and the Panjabi or Genji.

There are so many major and minor parts of a Bengali wedding ceremony that makes it distinct, memorable, and picturesque, from the attire to the pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities. Ghotoks (matchmakers), who are usually friends or relatives of the couple, plan traditional weddings. The matchmakers create introductions between the family and the potential bride and groom. Bengali Hindu weddings are not limited to one or two days, but can go up to a week. Friends and family members are commonly seen visiting the bride's or groom's residence throughout the whole week leading up to the wedding day. The visits are made not only with the aim of coming together, having nice conversations and laughs, and eating delicious food, but they are also for the purpose of completing various rites. Bengali weddings are all about traditions, excitement, and  are a visual feast.

Mochar chop, macher chop, begun bhaja, koraishutir kochuri with aloo dum, potoler dolma, dhokar dalna, mishti pulao, macher/fish paturi, kosha mangsho, chingri malaikari, kolkata style biryani, chicken chaap, rosogolla, sandesh, and mishti doi are some famous and very delicious dishes that are served in Bengali weddings. The bride is dressed in a Benarasi saree, Shakha & Pola, ruli, moyur mukh bala, pashar bala, and meenar bala bangles, alta, bindi, and topor bracelets. The groom is dressed in a silk dhoti, a Punjabi (kurta), a silk dhoti, and a topor.