Traditional Bridal Anklets to Swoon over Before You Buy For Your Wedding!


Bridal anklets are the final finishing touch to your Solha Shringhaar. Achieve this finale for your confident ascent into matrimony with these drool-worthy and stunning bridal anklets. Bridal anklets announce the entry of the bride in her new house with their soft tinker as soon as she takes her first step and walks in to her new life and home. Traditionally, many brides wear just silver anklets rather than gold ones. 
The sound of the payal, as delicate as it is, is clear even amongst the beating of the heavy and loud dhol and the fireworks at the wedding. Indian culture suggests that the feet should be adorned with beautiful payal as a sign of a family’s devotion to their daughter. Centuries since they were first used, the payal has not lost its wonderful charm. 
We are here with some trending and traditional bridal anklets for this wedding season.. So what are you waiting for just scroll down and check out these amazing anklet designs which you can opt. for your wedding to get a perfect bridal look.

Diamonds and a sea of love!
These intricately designed payals feature a gorgeous and amazing strap that connects to a delicate toe-ring. The perfect traditional touch for everyone especially the bohemian barefoot bride style!

Marathi bridal anklets
Marathi brides adorn a rather minimal style anklets made of gold and studded with alternating round rubies and emeralds.

Traditional yet stylish Oxidised silver anklet
Traditionality has its own charm and this oh-so-gorgeous oxidized pair with dainty coloured-stones is a proof!

A blingy one 
There is nothing as 'too much bling' for an Indian bride for a perfect bridal look! 

Broad silver payal with colored stones

This statement Payal celebrates the wedding finery with colored stones.

With ghungroos
The sounds of the payals are just so amazing

South Indian bridal anklets
Intricately made with delicate gold beads and elements, these anklets give a Jhallar effect which is supplemented by gemstone embellishments.

Rajasthani bridal anklets
A chunky anklet woven in elements of gold, a Rajasthani bridal anklet spruces up the rich, royal look of the bride. These heavy Pajeb can be either a heavy metallic set or ones with intricate work.

Silver Payal design with gobs of ghunghroos
Who doesn't love the quintessential chiming sound of Payal?

Anklet and toe ring set
This regal style will suit the bride's royal look perfectly. If you're wearing a lehenga that can go in contrast with the silver of your anklet, you are sure to get some stunning pictures of your feet.