Top 8 Things That A Modern ‘feminist’ Dulhaniyaa Wants!

July 29 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Top 8 Things That a Modern ‘Feminist’ Dulhaniyaa Wants!
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Most common belief around the institution of marriage is that it is quintessentially patriarchal by its very nature. Though love marriage finds a more open scope of finding a suitable and compatible partner for a modern ‘feminist’ woman, the options for finding a perfect partner through the more popular means of an arranged marriage set up gives fewer options to a Feminist Dulhaniyaa; due to a more conventional set up of marital expectations, where the ‘perfect’ bahu treats the husband like her god and the in- laws are kept on a very high pedestal.

But, as the times have changed so have the ideologies of the modern man, who ventures in the wedding market on various matrimonial sites for his one true companion. The negative connotations associated with the word ‘feminist’, is what scares many grooms, who, though may believe in equality among partners, but are scared to admit it to a judgmental society that expects certain behaviours out of an Indian groom.

Most women these days are choosing careers and academics, to be more independent and at par with their male counter parts.At this juncture many women are opting to delay marriages or decide to remain single instead of compromising on the standards that they set up for a perfect partner.

The need thus arises to bridge the gap between the needs of the modern women and the role that men need to play in order to survive a modern day marriage.

This brings us to the question. What does a Modern ‘Feminist’Dulhaniyaa want? If you are a clueless prospective suitor, who is lost on how to woo the woman of your dreams, here is a list of Top Eight things that a Feminist Bride wants.