The Versatile Indian Dupatta: Types And Tips For Styling

December 13 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

The Versatile Indian Dupatta: Types and Tips for Styling
Credits: Alia Bhatt, The Secret Label, Reel Sand Frames, Murraya, Israni Photography, Shopping Kart 24

Dupatta literally translates into 'shawl of doubled cloth', which is a combination of two Sanskrit words, i.e. du means two and patta means strip of cloth. Traditionally dupatta, which is known by various other names - chunni, chunri or ordni, was worn in the Indian subcontinent by women. It is a coloured fabric of rectangular shape often sewed with embroidery at the edges of the cloth. Dupatta is considered as a symbol of modesty and makes the overall look more appealing. Availability of dupatta in various textiles, hues and textures makes this gracious Indian garment a super versatile piece of clothing.