The Most Stunning & Beautiful Jaimalas We Spotted At Real Weddings This Season!

September 23 2019 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

The varmala or jaimala is one of the most important rituals of a traditional Indian wedding. This floral garland exchange signifies the first step which a couple takes before taking their wedding vows!  
Being one of that most fun-filled and exciting event, it is one of the heavily photographed parts of the wedding! So, picking the perfect jaimala is really essential. After all, it’s the whole essence of the ritual.
Lehenga trends are nothing before jaimala ideas these days now. Every time we are seeing some beautiful and trendy jaimala ideas too- and we love how experimental today’s brides are getting with them- whether you want to go matchy-matchy or contrasting, we've picked out some neat and best jaimala styles according to your wedding outfits. No matter how trendy you want to be, your jaimala is the only one that has to be the focus of your photographs in this wedding season. And as we look through reels and reels of images, we notice that they're getting fancier and more innovative and that's why we got you a list. A list of all the coolest ones we saw and mind our words, they're gonna be so big and amazing!