The Disenchanting Standards Of Indian Bridal Beauty

August 30 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

The Disenchanting Standards of Indian Bridal Beauty
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It hasn’t been long since Dr. Tanaya Narendra, spoke about her personal experiences as a would-be bride. But, what was so unique about her experience, that this subject has gained so much lime light ? Being a curvy bride, Tanaya brought forth the hypocrisy of beauty standards that are imposed on would-be brides in our country. Where, on a daily basis we consume piles and piles of media and news on body shaming, self love, self acceptance, loving all bodies and so on; the wedding market still seems to have missed the memo on , the new age brides who are happy and confident in their achievements, and no longer feel the need to fit the bill of a quintessential beautiful bride.

It is still a common sight in newspapers and matrimonial websites, where people seek brides who are slim and fair, and very often her education and achievements become secondary, when looking for a life partner. In a recent social media survey conducted by two social science researchers, it was found that, still, a large number of men don’t care about what resides inside a girl's brain, or if she has the capability to hold on to a good conversation. All one wants is to marry a hot woman.

This idea of hotness is not limited to the groom’s party. Very often the different elements of society that are faced by the bride, right before her wedding, go on to enforce standards of beauty on a woman.

Skinny girls are expected to put on weight, lest they don’t look fit enough. Curvy girls are expected to lose weight, for each and every one who comes to know about the upcoming wedding, will comment on how you need to look perfect on your wedding day. This kind of expectation comes from relatives, friends, beauticians and even designers who refuse to offer choices for different body types because they have a fixed idea of what a bride should look like on her wedding day.

Many would-be brides undergo extremely regimented diets, to lose weight before their weddings. Others undergo extreme skin and pigmentation treatment, in order to make one’s face look blemish free on their wedding day. This obsession with certain standards of beauty has lasted us long enough, for the women of today to realise that they are so much more than they appear, and a marriage is so much more than the wedding day.

To add to the pre-existing standards of beauty that have been in trend since ages, we have companies like Fair and Lovely, who have built a whole market around the right , and suitable skin tone, as if people with darker skin tones do not have the right to exist in society.

While some of these beauty standards are openly visible to us, many other hidden beauty standards also surfaced in interactions with women , who shared their personal experiences.