Stylish White Colored Sherwani Ideas For The Trend Setting Grooms

April 23 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Stylish White Colored Sherwani Ideas For The Trend Setting Grooms
Credits: Rohit Bal

Since the beginning of time, we've seen a lot of color in Indian weddings. For their weddings, grooms have worn colored sherwanis with intricate designs and, on occasion, thick, uncomfortable sherwanis. White has been one of the most common colors for Indian weddings over the years! Who'd have guessed, right?

The modern man is no longer concerned with fashion gaffes. Not only the bride, but also the groom, goes through the wedding functions with care. Grooms can't get away with not dressing up to the mark, particularly with so many pre-wedding ceremonies scheduled and so many photographers documenting the day.

The location, as well as the visitors, now have a theme thanks to the color-coordinated brides and grooms. Not only the bride, but even the grooms are enticed to make a fashion statement during their wedding ceremony, keeping the fashion game high. Do you know which style is the most common for both intimate and traditional big fat weddings?

You will not be shocked to learn about the grooms' evergreen fad of wearing a white sherwani. White is not only timeless, but it's also highly adaptable when it comes to coordinating with a wedding theme.

Grooms have turned gears to more designer approved occasion wear instead of the normal run-of-the-mill choices as brides tend more towards pastel and neutral tones for their wedding trousseau! For their D-Day, they also wore some gorgeous pastel sherwani designs. Let's see which white sherwani styles are the most common right now!