Some Drooling Desserts That Can Help You Win Hearts Of Your In-laws When You Prepare Something On Your ‘pehli Rasoi’ Ceremony: ‘the First Time You Cook After Your Marriage’

December 26 2020 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Some drooling desserts that can help you win hearts of your In-laws when you prepare something on your ‘PEHLI RASOI’ ceremony: ‘The first time you cook after your marriage’
Credits: Weddings

Every girl is special in her own way. Some are good cooks while some of them are not. Cooking a meal is an art and not every one of us can be perfect at it. Now, the biggest dilemma is how to brush up our cooking skills before getting hitched. As, in Indian society no matter how educated you are or no matter what ever professional skill do you posses, you need to have some basic knowledge in this field too.