Second Innings Of Life: It's Never Too Late To Find A Companion

August 10 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Second Innings of Life: It's Never too late to find a Companion

The Indian society is still a little rigid when it comes to finding a companion for marriage by the right age. While our previous generations saw people getting married anywhere between the ages of 18 to 25, the present generation has moved a little ahead and has started to consider looking for a companion as early as 28/29 and well into the mid-30s. Yet marrying after the age of 35/38 is seen to be taboo. And if it is not the case for men, it is certainly the case for women.

Though marriage at a later age say 40 or 50 may be considered a very common occurrence among the celebrities, a common person still shies away from settling down with a partner so late in life. This taboo is either associated with decreased possibility of having a family after a certain age, or it could be because people feel that one must find a partner only at the prime of their life.

Even if men find partners at a later age, be it the case of a second marriage owing to a divorce or a death or be it the case that the man was busy settling his career, he is still not looked down upon as much as women are if they marry later in life.

But there may be many reasons why someone chooses to marry at a later age. These can be categorized as: