Rituals And Traditions Of A Baniya Wedding

November 08 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Rituals and Traditions of a Baniya Wedding
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The Baniya community is one of the largest communities in the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally known as the Vaishya Samaj, the Baniyas comprise a community of merchants. These consist of people who are bankers, moneylenders, traders, businessmen, shopkeepers and owners of commercial enterprises. The Baniyas are usually divided into various clans depending on their gotras such as Agarwal, Dasora, Dishawal, Kapol, Nagori, Vagada, Modh and Nagar. These clans are further divided into various sub groups and compose a large section of the Indian community. The Baniyas are famous for hosting lavish weddings, with extensive flow of cash owing to their traditional professions. While many Baniyas have now entered other fields of profession, grand Baniya weddings still continue to make for a large number in the wedding market. With wide variations depending on the state and linguistic community, the traditions and rituals amongst the Baniya community may co- exist. But, all in all there are certain wedding rituals that are common among the Vaishya Samaj, irrespective of their specific geographical location and linguistic community. Let’s take a look at the various pre -wedding, wedding and post wedding traditions of the Baniya Community.