Quirky Artists To Approach For Custom Made Wedding Invitations

December 11 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Quirky Artists to Approach for Custom Made Wedding Invitations
Credits: Miracles, Roshstocks, Shadinameh

Wedding Invitations are an intrinsic part of any Wedding Ceremony. It is the first thing that your guests see before they plan to come to your festivities. Wedding Invitations leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guests. A quirky invitation is sure to linger in people's memory for a long time, and some may even choose them as souvenirs or memorabilia, from your wedding events. Gone are the days when the only proper method of getting an invitation designed, was by approaching a typical printing press, which would show you a catalogue of their most popular and regularly used designs, to pick from. Conventional invitation cards with silver/ golden borders, or images of gods and goddesses, have become slightly outdated with time. In the digital era, people are leaning more towards digital invitations or E-invites and videos instead of the typical boxed/ unboxed invites, that are not only expensive due to their use of ink, print and copying, but also because of the postal charges that apply when you have to send them to far off places, where your friends and relatives reside. With options of digital, customized wedding invitations taking the lead, more and more small-time artists are coming to the forefront with their unique ideas and customization services. These artists are usually individuals who are either trained in graphic designing, or have practiced their hands on various digital softwares. Along with the digital art invites, there is also another category of wedding invitations, which has gained a lot of lime light in recent times. These are the craftsy handmade  invitations. These invitations are very unique and quirky, as they are not mass produced from a fixed set of designs, but are rather, curated to suit the needs of the couple. Both the digital invites, and the craftsy handmade invites are gaining more and more attention for their adaptability to include customized preferences. These artists actually take the effort of understanding the story of the couple who is getting married, and try to incorporate that into the art of the wedding invitations. From couple caricatures, to comics narrative, to video invitations, to incorporation of personal art, there is no quirky element that is out of bounds for these artists. You tell them your requirements, and they can create anything depending on your needs. Unlike the big time invitation printers and showrooms, who have more footfall in their brick and mortar stores, these artists offer their services through the means of social media. They have created their portfolios on media like Instagram and Youtube. You can go through the pictures and videos of their previous works to decide what kind of style is it that you would like to incorporate in your wedding invitation. They not only display their work profiles on social media, but also take orders online as well. You can get in touch with them through their DMs or through their contact details mentioned in their bio, and let them know about the specifications for your invitations. The best thing about the invitations created by these artists is that they are intimate, personalized, and very unique to your story as a couple. These artists ensure that you receive the exact design and creatives that you want your cards to depict. While these artists may not be doing a large bulk of orders, they are perfect if you are planning to have an intimate wedding. Each artist will have their own limits, and thus you will usually find the information about their acceptance of orders from time to time, on their social media handles. Since these cards are carefully curated by individual artists, you will need to inform them in advance , so they have enough time to create your personalized master pieces. Without further ado, let's dive into the list of quirky artists to approach for your Custom Made Wedding Invitations.