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Pointers to an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot

Pointers to an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot

Pre-Wedding shoots! A shoot to remember for a lifetime, a shoot to capture the most wonderful phase of your life! The wedding day is all about photographs and the first thing that hits our mind when we are about to get married is the Pre-Wedding shoot!

Pre-wedding photography has gained popularity in recent times and has now become a lucrative business. It has the potential for making a lot of profit but also has many challenges such as finding the right locations, choosing the right angles, and breaking the ice for the nervous couple.
A pre-wedding photoshoot is the best way to get to know your photographer, and for the photographer to understand your personalities much better. It is also the best way to get comfortable in front of the camera, which prepares you well for the picture marathon that your wedding is going to be. Here are some quick pointers that will help you from selecting the point you start searching for the photographer – all the way through the actual shoot.

Personality is everything

First thing always comes first. You need to find a perfect photographer that showcase your personality and exactly matches your style and demands. Once you have seen someone's work – you should have a rough idea about what types of pictures you might get in the end. Make sure not to impose anyone else’s style on your photographer – it will go to disappoint you only. If you can see your appearance in other work, means you've reached the right place to be.

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The Fine Print – Ask Questions and know the artist

After having gone through hundreds of portfolios and work, once you are ready to book a photographer, remember to ask the following questions:

a) Is he/she still available on that date?
b) The booking fee & paperwork needed to confirm the shoot date
c) Get an idea about the locations and timings
d) The Logistics involved, desired arrangements that you might have to make for him/her
e) Permissions are taken for the locations.
f) Costs for add-ons – like Prints, Graphics (save-the-date, announcement text), Photobooks, e-books, Fusion Videos, etc.

Once you are comfortable with everything – Go ahead and simply confirm your booking. Remember, most of the photographers will not discuss the details & plans for your shoot without a formal confirmation & the booking fee. So you must be very sure that you are going ahead with the right photographer and have studied his/her work and portfolio extensively.
After all the formalities are taken care of – ask for – advice on what to wear, how the photographer plans to style the whole photoshoot, share the ideas and thoughts that you have in your mind, discuss the location & style of the shoot, be upfront about how you are comfortable being guided at each step or if you want the photographer to capture everything in a more unobtrusive style. The knowledge of what the photographer is planning to do on the D-day will prepare you a lot for the pre-wedding shoot.

Pre Wedding Photography ideas

Locations, places, gardens, beaches, marketplaces

The location is an important part of the pre-wedding shoot as it can make you look  Larger than life. If you are confident and comfortable – go outdoors, to more crazy & popular locations like marketplaces, forts & tourist spots, public gardens, etc. If you are staying at an exotic place – get the permissions for the shoot there – you will get the best of both worlds – privacy & beautiful backgrounds. And if you are just like most couples – who are a little shy in front of the camera, and get conscious of the fact that people might stop and stare at you– choose a more secluded place, like a far-away beach or a farmhouse, or an old ruin which is not on the tourist map, the back alley of your apartment building, or simply your terrace or any garden. For variation – ask your photographer if two different locations can be combined together, or simply take two sessions with different styling and different theme shoot – while one can be romantic, the other can be playful.

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The Cliché

It is just OKAY to have the same picture as any other bride, or that other photographer. It will always be your first image for you – taken at that particular location for the first time. And it will always make your picture more unique. There is always an image or two that has been clicked before, but you will never get tired of looking at those pictures when you are going to be in them yourself – By the Railroad
– Silhouette at Sunset
– The Jump
– The Kiss
– The Twirls
At the same time, just remember to not replicate a shoot because your aunt’s daughter or that friend on Facebook did it. You are not competing for who has more sexy and stunning photographs. You are doing a photoshoot because you want to preserve the flavor of your Companionship & Love for many years to come.

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Photography ideas

Look best in your outfits!

You have really worked hard to find the best photographer of your choice, now make sure to get serious about shopping and looking best in your outfits. You can hire the most experienced photographer, go to the outstanding locations – but in the end – what matters the most is, you’re dressing style and all your outfits. It is something that can either make or break your pre-wedding shoot, so make sure to carry your favorite clothes with you.

Best Outfits for Pre Wedding Photography