Planning Your Wedding During Pandemic? Follow These Tips.

June 08 2022 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Planning your wedding during pandemic? Follow these tips.
Credits: The Economic TimeS

India detected it's first covid case in January 2020, and turned our lives completely upside down. The whole of India went under lockdown for 21 days, starting from 24 March 2020, which was later extended. All the movement was restricted by the government, making necessary use of face masks, social distancing and hand sanitizers for the general public. Various rules and regulations were laid down by the government. Weddings and festivities got canceled, leaving people clueless and in loss of money. Many people decided to get married in intimate ceremonies while others rescheduled their weddings. The second wave of coronavirus hit the country during Mid of March 2021 and people were again forced to cancel and reschedule their weddings, leaving people hopeless about the coming future.

As the pandemic is still not over yet and there are anticipations of waves coming through, it is important to plan your weddings accordingly so that you are not left helpless.