Mugs, Hangers & More, Select The Best Props For Your Wedding Day

February 15 2019 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Mugs, Hangers & more, select the Best Props for your wedding day
Credits: Pinterest

Being the bride is no less than being a superstar! Everyone is talking about you and you are the center of everyone’s attention, it is your BIGGEST and most special wedding day and your childhood dream of being a beautiful bride is finally coming true. But alas, all this lasts only for a while only! It is a momentary tag that you get to relish only once in a lifetime. So why not flaunt. If you are a bride-to-be whose Instagram feed is brimmed with everything weddings, we are sure you must have seen several photos with/featuring cool bridal props like hangers, mugs, robes, eyemasks, etc. Right from brides’ getting ready photos to jewelry shots and bridesmaids photos, these bridal merchandises are everywhere in Indian weddings and we love it! These quirky and stylish unique bridal merchandises perfectly add a touch of personalization, uplift the ‘bride feels’, and make the photographs much more happening. Imagine sipping coffee in a ‘bride’ mug and wearing a ‘bride robe’ while getting ready on your wedding day or imagine your photographer clicking a great shot of your wedding lehenga which is hung on a customized hanger with your name carved on it! Sounds great, right?