Modish Way To Drape Your Dupatta for the stunning look


Dupattas are absolutely an inevitable part of a bride's D-day look! While some brides pair their wedding lehenga with single dupatta, while other covers with Double ones. Double dupatta surely does look inspiring but just make sure it is comparatively less heavy than the main dupatta. Well, whichever be the case with you. There are some Modern drapes that everybody knows- we compiled the mother of all contemporary draping styles in one post!

Easy Breezy
Single dupatta pleated in the front and tucked in at the back not only lets you be your chirpy self but also looks pretty!
The front-flow dupatta style
Front flow dupatta style is classy and elegant. To drape your dupatta pleat it neatly, carefully and pin it at the left shoulder, so that it falls behind you, up to the back of your knees. For the front part, let the dupatta touched to the floor, then fold it up and bring it over your forearm.
You need to be careful about the way you handle this dupatta style and ensure that it does not slip off your arm. While it might not be your best choice for your marriage ceremony, it is absolutely perfect for the reception or in engagement.

The casual drape style
The casual drape style is suitable for lehengas that have a heavily embroidered blouse because this style does not cover the choli. Tuck one corner of the dupatta at the left side of the waist. Loosen it up and take the dupatta from behind your left arm over your head and tuck on the other side. You can also let the dupatta rest on your right shoulder. Other option in the same style can be that instead of leaving the fabric loose at the back, you can let it drift freely on the front side or on the back side. At the front side, you can wrap the loose end at your wrist or tuck in your waist. This is a perfect and easy draping style for the modern Indian bride, who wants to look traditional and chic at the same time.

The back “U” dupatta style
This one is a classic, stunning and a great style for heavily embroidered dupattas as it gives you a chance to showcase the exquisite design properly. Pleat one end of the dupatta, arrange the pleats neatly and pin it on the left shoulder so that the dupatta falls forward freely and comfortably, preferably lower than your waist. For the other end of the dupatta, bring it to the front on the right side and tuck it.

The double dupatta style
You can never go wrong with this Draped style, and using double dupatta with your bridal lehenga only enhances your overall look. India's ace designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee started this new trend of double dupatta and we are going gaga over this trend. Many Bollywood brides have also gone for this trend and looked absolutely jaw-dropping and stunning on their D-day.
Using two dupattas, one for draping and the other to cover the head will make you look like a royal and elegant bride. You can experiment with the colors, styles, and fabrics of your two dupattas to stand out as a bride. Also, while opting for the double dupatta style, always use the longer one to cover the head and the shorter one for the drape which will be comfortable for the brides also.

 The double-sided drape
This is one style that looks completely magical and subtle which will change your entire look. It goes around the front as well as on the back. Take one end of the dupatta and tuck in on any one side of your waist. Then bring it in forward direction after leaving a considerable free-flowing part of it on your back. Once, you bring it in the forward direction, let the dupatta fall over your choli. Pin into your shoulder and keep it over your shoulder. Make sure the dupatta is well-pleased in order to carry this elegant and gorgeous look well. This draping style is sure to earn you numerous appreciative and astonish looks on your special day!

The Vintage saree drape
This is one of the most common, classy and easiest draping styles of all time. It is a classic, amazing and goes for every kind of occasion, be it a wedding, reception, mehendi and sangeet ceremony. If you have to do is tuck one end of the dupatta on the right side of your waist. Then drape it from under your left arm and throw it over your right shoulder like a saree pallu, you can tuck in your waist also. You are now ready to rock in a lehenga saree which will put a charm!