Mehendi game ideas to keep your guests entertained!


Mehendi is, without any doubt, the best wedding function. All you are expected to do on this Mehendi occasion is to have fun but how will you do that without some interesting and unique mehndi games? Here we are with some ideas for Mehendi games. There are many new, some old and some very unique ideas here which are gonna add some more cheer to your Mehendi function, especially if it’s a destination wedding! 
So what are you waiting for just scroll down and check out these fun games for your mehndi ceremony!

A game of Antakshari never hurt anyone! This is by far one of the best mehndi event games to keep yourself and your guests entertained at the function. To make the game even more interesting, let it be a boy’s vs girl’s antakshri.

Paper Dance
Indian television has proved that paper dance is one game that brings people more closely! Not only is it fun to watch people twisting like dolls on a piece of paper but you can actually play cupid for others. Get all the prospective couples together on one piece of paper and hope that the Cupid’s bow just hits them.

Family awards
This is the best way to ensure your guests have a blast at your mehndi event. By coming up with different and funny titles for family members and friends, you’ll be surprised at how much everyone enjoys the game. 

Tug of war
This is another amazing idea for boys vs girls at a mehndi function. Tug of war is fun and ensures a lot of laughter, something that anyone would absolutely love at their wedding function. You can also have different rounds and keep small and cute gifts for the winning team as well.

A dance face-off
Move over the traditional, usual group dance performances and have a dance face-off at your mehndi ceremony. This is one of the mehndi games that will ensure your guests have a blast at your wedding event!