Jewels Of Love : Solah Shringar

November 08 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Jewels of Love : Solah Shringar
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Solah Shringar celebrates the bridal beauty in every aspect. The wedding season is round the corner and the beautiful venue, wedding attire and shopping for the wedding are some of the top most priorities. The bridal makeover is equally important; in fact, the most important part of the bridal preparations for the wedding. The bride’s beauty is a significant aspect of a wedding and this is not a recent phenomenon; the concept of Solah Shringar or the 16 adornments are the proof of this. Hindu culture, through its rituals, celebrates the appearance of the bride and equates the women’s beauty with the beautiful shades of the moon. Therefore, the Solah Shringar signifies the phases of the moon. Solah Shringar is done to bring happiness and prosperity to the home. If adornment is done with purity and divinity, then acting as an assistant of love and non-violence, it becomes a carrier to bring gentleness and love to society. That is why in Indian culture, 'Sixteen Adornments' is considered an important and integral part of a woman’s life. In the Rigveda, it has been said that sixteen adornments are done for bringing good luck. Solah Shringar includes two elements, i.e, 6 bodily adornments and 10 jewellery items. The bride is also equated with the Goddess Lakshmi for her being the goddess of fertility and prosperity. The Solah Shringar are the important beauty accessories which are necessary for a complete look of the traditional Hindu bride.