Huge & Gorgeous Wedding Cakes We Spotted At Indian Weddings!

March 03 2019 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Huge & Gorgeous Wedding Cakes we spotted at Indian weddings!
Credits: Pinterest

HI! All you cake lovers out there who're always everywhere only for the cake and have huge plans for their own wedding cakes already; well this blog is especially curated for you all cake lovers. It is also a great way to incorporate personal elements into the wedding event. There are innumerable ways in which you can personalize your wedding cake which will look just WOW. You can use a favourite movie, song or book and design the wedding cake around the same. You can also incorporate elements of your love tale into the wedding cake. Wedding cakes have come a long from being just another celebratory element to literally being the highlight of a wedding event and believe us when we say that we've seen cakes that literally stole the whole goddamn show! Hand-painted in prints & metallics, highly embellished in real & edible stones, suspending through chains and even hanging upside down cakes for that matter, the latest and new wedding cake trends are taking the wedding celebrations to an all new level and has us stunned to the core! Weddings are the time of joy, fun; creating the best memories and well, CAKE! If you think, it’s not true, ask any one of your hostel friends and they will proudly tell you stories of forced wedding invitations and wedding crashes – all for the love of cake! Indian weddings are incorporating the concept of cake cutting like never. So for what are you waiting for, just scroll down and see the latest and unique wedding cakes.