Gorgeous Brides Who Prove 'bindis' Are A Must For A Perfect Wedding Day!

April 09 2019 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Gorgeous Brides who Prove 'Bindis' Are a MUST for a perfect Wedding Day!
Credits: Pinterest

When it is your own wedding, you cannot ignore even the tiniest details also! Right? Hence, today we draw your attention to the most petite part of your bridal look, i.e. a perfect bindi. One of the key parts of the auspicious 16 adornments (Solah Shringar), a bindi is of utmost importance for Hindu brides too. Bindis have been worn in our country for countless years and every Indian girl can identify with wearing one, at least sometime in their lives.  Apart from its traditional significance, what astonishes us about bridal bindis is how these dainty dots uplift the entire bridal look which looks most gorgeous! Amidst the heavy jewels surrounding the bride's face like maangtikka, earrings, nath, and mathapatti, a petite bindi makes its presence felt by lending an unexplainable charm to the beautiful bride. Usually worn in red color, a small yet significant bindi is what a bride needs to complete her whole wedding day look.
So here’s a guide to all you need to know about finding just a perfect bindi that’ll blend perfectly with your gorgeous features!  So what are you waiting for just scroll down and see the latest and most beautiful bindi styles and colors!