Goan Catholic Weddings: A Blend Of Cultures

December 28 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Goan Catholic Weddings: A Blend of Cultures
Credits: Boa Goa

Goa has a huge influence of Portuguese in every aspect, be it the structures of the place or people of the state. Don't look at the size of the state, Portuguese ruled this area for about four hundred and fifty years (more than India) due to its awesome beaches and ideal location. So, obviously the current state of  Goa has been hugely influenced by the Europeans. During the early period of ruling, Portuguese imposed their culture onto the general population of Goa and soon began inter-religion marriages and forced people to convert their religion. This resulted in Christanity becoming one of the major religions that people followed. Despite becoming Christans they were still practising their old customs and traditions. After many years of being colonised, many Indian Christians in Goa have developed a blend of culture. One such Christain community  is of the Goan Catholics, who follow the Latin Rite of worship. They belong to the Konkan region of Goa along India's west coast, and as a result their culture is a blend of both - the Konkani and Portuguese culture. So, naturally their weddings are also a mix of different traditions. Here are the various practices that are followed in a Goan Catholic wedding: