Gari Gari, Prem Pyari : Exclusive Bridal Jewellery Items From Eastern States Of India

December 30 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Gari Gari, Prem Pyari : Exclusive Bridal Jewellery Items From Eastern States Of India
Credits: Sheetal's Makeover, Pinterest,, The Glamorous Makeover

The wedding season is just round the corner. So queens in the house, it is the perfect time to put on the beautiful and comfortable footwear and grab the best deals and most beautiful pieces of jewellery and dresses from the market. It is very easy for us to get caught amongst the plethora of options which are available these days. When the time to purchase comes, we are so overwhelmed that we end up buying the jewelry which we are not going to wear again. The lucky ones are born in India. The Indians have the privilege to see the amazing diversity. The cuisine, arts, fashion and culture changes within a few kilometers of distance. The fashion includes everything like the dresses, the names of the dresses, the jewellery and even the way to put on these jewellery pieces. People have a huge number of choices for clothes with unique costumes from the states of India, various kinds of jewellery and even the prominent jewellers in India. The women always had a great affinity for jewellery so in India the women wear different kinds of jewelleries and all of them have their own significance. 

The jewellery  is considered to be auspicious for women and a sign of their well being and happiness. The consideration of jewellery as a lucky charm is the reason for its very high price and the benefits of having the precious jewellery is that it can be used as a resource during the time of the crisis. The jewellery has traditionally been connected with energy, status and property. The designs and types of jewellery in India are diverse and evolving regularly according to the fashion and demand. The popularity of a kind of jewellery is also restricted to a certain region and the jewellery which is famous among the people of one state may not even be recognised by the people of the other state.

So, to erase this gap caused by geographical dimensions we are giving you the detailed insights into the jewellery traditions of Eastern Indian States comprising Bihar, Bengal and Odisha.