Floral Jewellery Is The New Offbeat Choice For Mehndi These Days!

September 16 2019 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Floral jewellery is the new offbeat choice for Mehndi these days!
Credits: pruneindia

No amount of diamonds or gold jewelry can do justice to a bride the way floral jewelry does. Entwined in the fragrance of culture and traditions, it is very important for every wedding. Fresh flower jewellery adds that extra touch of elegance and creates a positive vibe too. Floral jewellery is especially preferred by brides in their pre wedding functions because it looks swaggy , is very different and unique. So If you're a bride-to-be, you should definitely be considering floral jewellery. And wearing them on your haldi or mehndi ceremony , not only gives a very refreshing look but also breaks the monotony of wearing the traditional jewellery throughout your wedding revelries.

Furthermore, it is also a great idea to ditch the boring gold jewellery and opt for floral jewels so that you feel stress-free and move around freely without having to worry about your precious wedding jewels!