Easy Beauty Hacks For Winters To Stay Warm And Beautiful


Winters are Up Now It's time to start layering up. While there's nothing better than cozy sweaters, velvet dresses and cute beanies, winter brings its own set of style struggles. From layering tricks to finding tights that are actually comfy, and warm. Let’s check out these amazing ways to cover your curves, keep your skin smooth and maintain your hair shiny to stay Warm and beautiful this winter. 

1. Choose your outfit Fabric carefully.

December and January are wedding months, you also have to attend one or two weddings or you can be a winter bride as well. You want to look stylish, beautiful and amazing on your wedding day or on your relative's marriage, we strongly advise you to stay warm and cozy. 
The main and most important thing to keep in mind your dress material should be warm, Sheer fabrics like net and georgette will do nothing in protecting you from the cold weather. Go for heavy, luxurious and rich fabrics like velvet and raw silk. They won’t let the air pass through them easily. Also, you can opt for long sleeves for any kind of wedding it will give you a warm and stylish effect.

2. Exfoliate a Dry Scalp With a Teaspoon of Sugar and Aloe Vera

Exfoliate your Dry Scalp by adding a two spoon of sugar or honey and aloe vera to keep your hair silky and shiny. This remedy will prevent your hair from dryness and frizziness. You can also take Spa on regular basis to maintain the good quality of your hair.

3. Wear a Coat or Jackets with a defined waist

Keep your winter coat and jacket  from swallowing you whole by rocking one with a nipped-in waist. It'll still keep you warm and stylish look but won't hide your shape. You can wear you coat with boots also this will gives you a royal look and enhance your charm and personality.

4. Choose boots with stretch in the back.

 It's the trash when you try to tuck your jeans into your boots and the fabric just won't go in because the calf is too tight or short. If you try a knee-high boot with a panel of stretchy fabric in the back or blue, your life will be so much easier and a lot more comfortable and stylish.
You can easily put your jeans inside your long boots also you can wear them with short dresses which gives you warm feet and a different style.

5. Moisturize With Your Own Sweat or Use Vaseline.

If you're a runner, skier, or snowshoer—or really any kind of winter outdoorswoman then it is beneficiary for you if not you can then try this next time or you can use Vaseline on your hands and slip on a pair of cotton gloves. The Vaseline traps the sweat on your hands, allowing the trapped sweat to act as a natural moisturizer also you can apply vaseline at night before you sleep on your lips and on your face. Vaseline helps the slowness of your skin. Also, you can use any moisturizer for exfoliating skin.

6. Go for lehengas with long jackets.

If you are going to attend the wedding this season or you are a bride to be you can go for Lehenga with Long jackets. Ethnic jackets are very much in vogue, royal and are versatile. When it comes to protecting yourself against the cold winds, you can pair your wedding lehenga with a long jacket is all you need. So, be a pretty, gorgeous and smart winter bride or bridesmaid and keep your body warm.
So, dear winter is not the season to worry about or feeling cold on your special days because we have got you covered and keep your skin and hair shiny and silky. These simple cheat tricks will allow you to keep warm and stylish. Try these suggestions and Keep yourself  Glowing, Stylish, Warm and beautiful!