Color contrast your wedding jewelry with your wedding outfit this wedding season


Contrasting jewellery is one big bridal trend that we are completely in love with. The look that different colours create is a sight to behold. Wearing contrasting jewellery allows brides to add different colours to their ensemble. On the other hand, this technique also allows the brides to create a balance by wearing light coloured jewellery with a vibrant outfit. And, after reading this you might change the jewellery that you opted for your wedding. Just because your lehenga is red, doesn’t mean you have to wear a red neckpiece. Contrasting your outfit and jewellery has taken the wedding game to a new level. We see a lot of brides looking spectacular while experimenting with their bridal look. Contrasting bridal jewellery is so in these days and looks totally fab! Brides these days do not have to stick to the same old traditional gold jewellery with their bridal lehenga but pick and choose from some trendy new-age jewellery which really looks amazing. We're in love with colour contrasting jewellery to make it stand out, and here are some tips and ideas to learn how to do that right!

1. Brides contrasting aqua blue toned jewellery pieces are breaking certainly breaking the stereotype and wearing it like a boss.

2. Contrasting the quintessential red, with solid gold jewellery

3.Contrasting green emeralds with a pastel pink outfit

4. Brides contrasting jewellery is highlighting the subtle tinges of green sequin work on their bridal lehenga.

5. You can never go wrong with contrasting jewellery from the same family of colours.

6. Nothing looks better on red bridal outfits than kundan and polki jewellery highlighted with contrasting green coloured emeralds.

7. Strings of white pearls with a statement piece can be the attention seeker when paired with bright coloured hues.

8. Gold colour blocking with your favourite shade of pastel can be the best contrasting jewellery idea.