Check Out these beautiful jewellery trends for newly-wed bride


A newly wed bride is the centre of attention wherever she goes. Everybody notices the clothes she wears. But, it does not end there. People notice their jewellery too. So, do you pick your accessories carefully? If not, let us tell you something about the latest jewellery trends. 
Yes, a nice piece of jewellery can spruce up a boring outfit. You can enliven up anything plain with the use of dazzling jewellery. The market is full of different types of accessories. You just have to know what type of jewellery will suit you. Here are some options given for you to choose from:

This type of jewellery can be paired with most outfits and colours. You can enjoy a bohemian or chic look on weekends by trying out these oxidized tribal silver earrings. For example, you are wearing a black kurti with white palazzos along with a rustic pair of oxidised earrings. 

Precious Stones
If you wear precious stones according to your zodiac sign, you can benefit immensely. Alternatively, you can stand out of the crowd by wearing some shiny and colourful precious stones jewellery such as rings or earrings etc. These precious stones are available in different varieties such as kundan, pearls or enamelled precious stones. 

Contemporary jewellery entails semi-precious stones embedded jewellery or gold-embedded jewellery.  Alternatively, you may wear a combination of both of them or mix with gold jewellery with an urban twist. 

These types of earrings are very much in vogue nowadays. You can opt for peacock motif enamel earrings and many more. Alternatively, you can wear studs with indo-western clothes. 

Chunky and Bold
This is evergreen. You can amp up a boring cream kurti with a bold turquoise necklace. Chunky and bold jewellery can go with any plain or subtle outfit to bring them alive. 

So, brighten up your dull and plain outfits with these exciting jewellery pieces. All you need to do is mix and match it with your attire and you’re good to go. A newly wed bride has many types of Indian clothing in her closet. You must have a pack of bold jewellery, pearls, semi-precious or contemporary jewellery in your accessories kit. Looking gorgeous includes pairing wonderful jewellery with your favourite attire. Choose whichever you like and be ready to make a style statement. People won’t pass by without giving you compliments.  You can thank us later for these handfuls of suggestions.