Changes In Indian Wedding Trends Over The Last 3 Decades

December 21 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Changes in Indian Wedding Trends over the Last 3 Decades

Since the inception of a civil society, marriage as an institution has been in existence in all cultures. While it is hard to locate when the first official wedding took place, one can say without a doubt that weddings have had a significant position in human society. While there may be various trends and traditions in different parts of the world, India has had its own set of popular trends which have traversed the geographical boundaries, and found a place in all communities. While regional and cultural disparities may exist, certain trends continue to exist across all cultures, as if they were laid down in a list of commandments. Of course it would be naive to claim that trends have not experienced any changes, as the society around us has changed. Why we see peculiarly booming changing Indian Wedding trends in the last 3 decades is because of a change in the millennium, as the 90s crossed over to the 2000s. Additionally, the introduction  of advanced technology, affordability of the internet, and an accessibility to the global world has particularly contributed to the vociferous change in wedding trends in India. From the type of wedding venue, to the style of dressing, from the techniques of photography, to the menu of food, there is barely any element of the wedding market that has not seen a remarkable change in trends, over the last 30 years. Ofcourse, this does not mean that older trends have completely vanished. But in fact, the present Indian culture is witnessing a heterogeneous culture, where one can find a blend of the older trends, remixed with the newer, upcoming trends. In such a case it would be interesting to compare and contrast, how the trends have unfolded themselves over the years, and how they have replaced the trends of the past. We have curated a list of changes in Indian Wedding Trends over the last 3 Decades for you. If you are planning to get married soon, you may want to learn more about the latest trends. This blog will help you understand which trends most suit your personality, whether you are a 90s kid at heart, or you are a millennial couple, these trends will give you an idea to pick and choose the elements that you want your weddings to have. This could also be a mix of trends that appeared over the last few years. So let's go!