Budget Friendly Wedding Photographers In Delhi-ncr

August 16 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

“A picture is worth a thousand words and we’re going to give them a whole lot of pictures”- Tom Smith

A person’s wedding is a day that they want to remember their whole life. Year after year a couple makes more and more memories, and as the love in a relationship intensifies; each time one looks back at their wedding pictures, a new light shines upon them.

It is hardly a mystery then, why so many couples spend hours and hours before and during their weddings, striking the right pose, trying to get the angles and expressions just right , to capture the memories that are hopefully going to last them a lifetime.


With the advent of newer technology and the emergence of social media, the frenzy for experimenting with photography can be seen now, more than ever before.

With people trying to stand out from the crowd, each and every couple wants to convey their style and story through their own style of photography.

While trends and experimentation have increased, so has the cost of photography, over the ages. This makes the idea of preserving memories forever , a dreaded necessity.

Even within the realm of wedding photography, there are multiple styles that are popular. Where, on one hand it is important to understand your budget, it is also important to know the trends in wedding photography. These include:

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is predominated by portrait style photographs that are being taken to place in a photo album.This includes posed important moments with the family and guests, and most often the couple’s important moments are also captured in traditional style posing photography.

Artistic Wedding Photography

The purpose of this type of photography is to create an image that renders the photo to appear like a piece of art. These photos are not particularly taken to signify important events or moments, but they are taken to create a sense of special focus on composition and lighting. These photos require a lot of editing.

Natural Wedding Photography

A more popular style of photography in outdoor weddings, the natural photography keeps into consideration the natural light available at the time of the wedding. For a photographer to be able to create photos of this genre , he/she needs to have great expertise regarding the basic rules of light and shadow play.

Editorial Wedding Photography

This style of photography is based on the trends that appear in magazines. This requires high fashion photoshoots, with unique backgrounds and creative posing styles.

HDR Wedding Photography

People who prefer more saturation and filter-like appearances in their photographs can pick this style of photography. Though this style is not very popular owing to its tendency of changing the tone and complexion of the people in the image.

Fashion Wedding PPhotography

This style of photography draws focus on the attire of the bride and groom and the various accessories that they have adorned. This photography is done to highlight the fashion quotient of the couple.

Dramatic Wedding Photography

These pictures try to create theatrical effects by keeping in mind the play of light and the weather, with the photographer constantly playing with different shadows and silhouettes. The photographer needs to be a master at adjusting the flash and the shutter speed in order to create the desired effect.

Documentary Wedding Photography

This style of photography does not give importance to posing. This is a real documentation of the real moments and emotions of the people in the wedding. The photographer needs to be very vigilant and detail oriented to capture the nuances of the real life elements to translate into the images.

Destination Wedding Photography

These photographs that are taken at a place other than the residence of the Bride and Groom, tend to give special focus to the landscape and the buildings around. The genre of photo journalism is used to capture the artsy details required in this type of photoshoot.

Candid Wedding Photography

This style of photography involves a nonchalance in the pictures taken. The pictures are effortless as the photographer tries to capture the moment without the knowledge of the subject. With continuous directions from the photographer, the subject can be made to move and create an illusion of a candid picture too.

The style of Wedding photography is not limited to these types, one can go on experimenting to a great extent. But with this basic knowledge you may now be prepared to think of choosing the style that suits you. Once you have done that, all you need is a budget friendly photographer who will make all your wishes come true.

Thus, to do away with your woes, here is a list of budget friendly wedding photographers, in Delhi NCR, who will let you capture those moments without burning a hole in your pockets.