Bridal Nath Designs which are a must-see for the 2018 brides!


Out of all the bridal jewelry pieces, if there's an adornment that instantly uplifts the Indian bridal look, it is none other than a 'Nath'. A mere hoop latched around the nose accentuates a bride's facial features and brings an unmissable personality to the overall bridal look. Owing to this alluring charm that a Nath lends, almost every bride dreams of wearing a Nath on her big wedding day. And the best part is, you can wear a bridal Nath even if you don't have a nose piercing. An Indian bride is incomplete without her statement jewelry and heavy bridal lehenga. Bridal jewelry is an integral part of an Indian bride and she wears it with all pride. Whether it is the vintage Naths or the clip-on Naths, its screams for attention thereby, taking the bridal look to another level. Bridal Nath or Nathni is easily an eye catcher. Whether you wear an elaborate or a simple, sophisticated Nath, a bridal nose ring will never fail you! Here are some of our favorite bridal Nath designs that’ll make you run to a jeweler for your wedding day.

Simple and light bridal Nath design that looks equally pretty!

Brides Can Don These Breathtaking Nath Designs to Enhance Their Overall Bridal Look

If all the brides-to-be have that nose for fashion and trendy style statement, you just cannot miss a distinctive Nath that screams for attention. 

Just stumbled upon this beautiful bridal Nath!

This bride’s huge bridal nose ring is making the headlines everywhere!

Big Sized Naths for Bride
 From the time of the rani maharanis, big bridal Naths have played a distinct character of their own and were more than often passed on as heirloom items.

Whether Big Or Small, A Nose Pin Enhances The Look Of Indian Bride.

A small hoop with a detailed design is equally stunning!

This bride’s lovely kundan and polki Nath matches with the rest of her jewelry

Floral Naths for your mehndi or haldi function

Crescent Nath Style with Bold Nose Pin!

Hanging Pearl Strings & Beads to Create That Dramatic Look! 

Floral Kundan & Polki Nath Designs!