Bridal nail art designs for a perfect bridal look


A lot goes into planning for the big and special day, like picking out your wedding outfit, following a strict beauty and skincare regimen days before the wedding day, booking a makeup and hair artist, getting the perfect mani-pedi and the list is endless. Oh, speaking of mani-pedi, nails are something that a bride-to-be can just not ignore for the grand wedding day. The bridal nail art has to look perfect because there are going to be times when people are going to notice her hands and tacky nail paint is not something a bride wants to be seen with.
So here we are with some trendy and stunning nail art designs which you can opt. for your perfect bridal look

French Manicure With A pretty Floral Twist Bridal Nail Art
A beautiful and cute nail art design that looks elegant and accentuates the bride’s beauty

Veiled Beauty Bridal Nail Art
Even though it’s slightly tricky to recreate this particular nail art if achieved, it will look incredible and you’ll definitely be proud of your work.

With red hearts
One of the cuter and stunning ones on the list, this can also double up as a valentine day themed nail art. It requires just plain old French nails, nail stickers, and some red rhinestones.

Shimmer And Shine Bridal Nail Art
One of the more intricate designs, it is still easy to achieve this nail art look. All you need is a shimmer pink polish, some glue, rhinestones and acrylic bow, and colored flowers. This bling design can really pop your nails out.

Swirled Twirls Bridal Nail Art
A simple yet elegant red-gold swirl design that works even on short nails. This is an easily achievable dual color nail art style. It takes nothing more than the two colors and just a toothpick!

Coral ‘n’ Floral
If you’re someone who likes red but you also don’t want the typical blood red nails, you can go for a more subtle coral nail art design which looks perfect.

Elegant pink and lace bridal design
If elegance and class are your forte, then go for pretty nails like these!

Gorgeous red nails with shimmer nail art
Add a twist by putting glitters on one nail and rest of the same color shade.

Wonderful French glitter
If you like the concept of french nails but you love glitter more than anything else, you can get a glitter french manicure done together.

White and gold bridal nail art
Get some spiked gold stones on your accent nail and your nails would look just fab.