Band Baaja Baraat: Ideas For Wedding Entertainment

November 02 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Band Baaja Baraat: Ideas for Wedding Entertainment
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Weddings are a time in life , when everyone wants to get together with their loved ones and enjoy and make merry. We invite so many guests and friends to be a part of our big day and the functions preceding it. Even long lost relatives, and childhood friends are summoned to attend our big wedding events, even if we haven’t seen them or spoken to them in a long time. While the many things that make a wedding special are the food, decoration, arrangements and setting, one of the major things that one takes back from attending a wedding is memories of joy created with your loved ones. The laughter and smiles that come from having a fun filled get together, full of dance, music and entertainment, is what most people seek when planning to attend a wedding. Hindi films have played a great role in depicting weddings as a time for raillery and enjoyment, with the whole wedding party grooving to songs and singing along with one another. While in the older times, the sources of entertainment were limited to the family and friends of the wedding party, new trends in professional entertainment have opened major avenues for those who seek to have something out of the ordinary in their weddings. While traditionally entertainment during weddings was limited to singing Banna/ Bannis before the wedding, or playing traditional games amongst the wedding couple and relatives; modern advancements in professionalism in the field of entertainment have brought forth a wide variety of options to choose from. Not only that, over the years, modes of entertainment within families have also diversified. But one may ask, what is the need for such entertainment? While various ceremonies in Indian weddings are dependent on auspiciousness of time, the guests wait around either hogging on appetizers or chugging drinks. To make use of the time that guests spend awaiting the rituals, various modes of entertainment can be used. We hear stories of big Bollywood celebrities singing and dancing in high profile weddings. But, why should only the rich people have fun? Even if you don’t have a very lavish budget, you can still incorporate entertainment segments in various ceremonies of your wedding. 

Are you waiting for Dulhan's mehndi to dry? It's a great time for entertainment. All cousins have gathered around for the cocktail party? That's a great time for having some fun. Is the  Dulhan still getting ready? Another chance for enjoyment. There’s still time in the Pheras? Time to party. There are dozens of opportunities where you can incorporate entertainment elements,to have a lasting impression of your wedding. Show them a time they will remember for years to come. After all, aren't we all always excited to dress up and go to a wedding? Make it worth their while. Be it opting for professional sources of entertainment, or be it creating fun and joy amongst your family members, we have got you covered. Here is a list of various entertainment ideas, to make your wedding event a grand success.