A Sneak Peak Into A Covid Era Destination Wedding Planned By Dulhaniyaa.com

October 16 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

A Sneak Peak into a Covid Era Destination Wedding planned by   Dulhaniyaa.com
Credits: Dulhaniyaa Wedding Stories

India is one of those countries that is well known for hosting Big Fat Weddings. With the essential belief that marriages in India are not merely the union of two individuals, but in fact a coming together of two families, the wedding soiree almost always comprises a long guest list with many friends, families, colleagues, relatives and extended family members participating in the same. Indians usually make sure to invite each and every individual that they have attended weddings of, to ensure a harmonious and long lasting relationship with their near and dear ones. 

One of the biggest challenges faced by Indians due to Corona, was the limitations it imposed on big gatherings and carefree socializing. The Covid Era  hit the wedding industry the hardest. With huge gatherings taking a back seat, the Covid protocols shattered the dreams of many couples who always wanted to host a Big Fat Indian Wedding. In the midst of all the mayhem and chaos caused by Corona, people have not stopped getting married. They have simply tried to make accommodations for this deadly disease, whilst still making sure that their wedding festivities are not hampered. 

The team of Dulhaniyaa.com was approached by Akhil and Priyanka in the year 2020 , when Corona had just entered the country and was peaking in cases. While Akhil and Priyanka knew that they would have to make compromises to accommodate the wedding of their dreams if they chose to marry during the Covid Era, they had their hearts set to get married in 2020 itself. With the hope of having a memorable wedding experience, Akhil and Priyanka set out to plan their wedding with Dulhaniyaa.com.