50 Mind-blowing Ideas To Include Hues Of Lilac To Your Wedding!

May 31 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

50 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Include Hues of Lilac to Your Wedding!
Credits: Prune India

If your idea of a perfect wedding revolves around the thought ‘ Nothing Fancy, Just Love’ then you are someone who would love to go a bit off-beat while opting for your wedding theme color. Well, gone are the days when Indian Weddings were all about Red, Yellow and golden. With wedding décor getting creative day by day, people have started picking unique color combinations for every little detail of the wedding.

The task of opting for that one perfect theme color can be a little tricky, so while you wonder, why not opt for lavender? If you have always fantasized about a dreamy fairytale-kinda-wedding, then we feel that different shades of Lilac will definitely tempt you and create a mood of individuality, mystery, and fantasy.

Now if you are pondering on how to inculcate hues of lilac in your wedding, we are more than happy to assist you!  We have curated a list of amazeballs décor ideas, outfit inspirations, and lots more especially for all the Lilac lovers in the house.

So. What's the wait all about? Keep on scrolling and exploring!