23 Couple Entry Photo Ideas For Amazing Wedding Shots…

March 23 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Gone are the days when the bride and groom used to walk down the aisle separately, nowadays couples are stepping out of the box and making the entry together. And of course, when you can slay the entry with your partner then why enter solo. Right?  If you agree with us then you should definitely make a couple entries with a bang. It’s definitely a little tiresome to think about the couple entry ideas for adding an unforgettable charm to your wedding day. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, so don’t compromise with the normal one. Go all out with your wedding entry. 

But, before you plan your wedding entry you should look into things like your wedding theme, colour scheme and time of the day when the event will happen. All these factors will help you choose what kind of entry idea you should consider. Whether funky, fairy-tale, royal or quirky, it’s up to you to choose. Or you can also choose according to the event, choose a simple entry for Haldi and a vibrant entry for your wedding.


If you are not able to think of an idea for your couple entry, don’t worry we have got you sorted. We have come up with a banging list of couple entry ideas to help you. You don’t have to pressure your mind anymore because we have some mind-blowing entry ideas to make your wedding day a memorable one for you and your partner.  

So, get ready with your planer notebook to jot down our handpicked couple entry ideas, just for you!