22 Most Stylish Kaleera Designs For Your Wedding

January 21 2020 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

Often seen as one of the most prosperous North Indian ceremonies, Kaleera function holds a great deal of social and cultural importance for a woman who is going to be the bride. As per popular and traditional beliefs, the umbrella-style danglers symbolize happiness and prosperity and brings goodness to the bride’s new home. This ceremony is indeed given a lot of significance till date. The kaleeras are tied to the bride’s wrist by the women in her life such as her mother, sisters, cousins and even friends. It is an indication that how much her family cherishes her and wishes good luck and blessings for her present just as for her future. In other words, you are giving your blessings to the bride when you tie the kaleera on her wrists. Since bridal fashion is evolving day by day, nowadays you can see a lot of variations in the kaleera designs. A huge number of designers are coming up with a wide range of styles and trends to choose from. Some brides love to color coordinate their lehenga and the kaleeras, while most new age brides wish to make a statement and flaunt their sense of style with a unique choice. From dark golden or conventional shades to pastel shades, you have an enormous list of styles to choose from. What more, these days you can even get your kaleeras customized with quirky elements and even with initials of your name. Since there are a lot many options, we have carefully curated 22 of the latest kaleera designs for you to take inspirations. Don’t blame us if you can’t settle for just one and fall in love with all the styles. Read below to find out. 

So what are you waiting for just scroll down and checkout these stunning and trendy bridal kaleere designs for your bridal look!