15 Interesting Indian Wedding Myths And Superstitions

February 02 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

15 Interesting Indian Wedding Myths and Superstitions
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We said Shaadi, you heard Dhoom-dhamaka and truckloads of fun. Well, without any denial, Indian weddings are one heck of a delightful affair. The enthusiasm and zeal of the guests amp up the fun level at any wedding or pre-wedding function.

Those of you, who have been to any Indian wedding, would know that there are lots of pre as well as post-wedding functions and all of them are equally important. All these functions are of great traditional importance and both the families leave no stone unturned in making them way too extravagant and entertaining affair. 

With tradition comes superstitions that have been passed generation after generation. While some of these are quite meaningful and logical, several others are groundless and we feel it’s high time to boycott these myths. 

A wedding is very special for both the bride and the groom and if you ask us, then we would say plan it the way your heart desires. 

Well, if you are unaware of these weird superstitions, then we would love to enlighten you with a few Indian Marriage Myths that will definitely make you ROFL!