100 Romantic Resorts In India For Your Dream Honeymoon

January 27 2021 , Dulhaniyaa Desk

100 Romantic Resorts in India for Your Dream Honeymoon
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Love is a beautiful feeling that deserves to be celebrated every now and then. Honeymoon is one of the most perfect ways to celebrate your love and spend some quality time with your partner. To make it a memorable affair, you need to find the most exotic and stunning destination where you and your partner can discover the beauty of love. 

While many couples prefer to head abroad for their honeymoon, there are many others who would love to spend some quality time with their beloved in the country itself. India has an array of magnificent resorts which are nothing less than paradise. From heading to a romantic or spa retreat, to a candlelight dinner under the stars to stay in a treehouse, these luxury resorts have a lot to offer.

To make it a tad bit easier for all the couples in the house, we have hereby enlisted 100 best romantic resorts that are perfect for your honeymoon. Scroll through the list and bookmark the best one for yourself.