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Pakistan's 100 Most Popular Brides with Beautiful & Exciting Make Ups
Bridal Makeup, July 30 2020

Pakistan's 100 Most Popular Brides With Beautiful & Exciting Make Ups

We know a wedding is something that every bride needs to look their best. For the big day, some of the brides are still confused about what will the best bridal makeup that they can go for!

Well, every bridal makeup is outstanding but have you ever check out the…
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35 Sehra Styling Tips for Trensetting Indian Grooms
Groom Wear Trends, July 28 2020

35 Sehra Styling Tips For Trensetting Indian Grooms

The wedding day is an important day for the groom as much as it is for the bride. A bride takes a lot of efforts and pain to look perfect for her wedding, but a groom tries no less. Even grooms have to make sure they look top notch on…
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Top 100 Ideas from Pakistani Weddings you could use !
Wedding Photography, July 22 2020

Top 100 Ideas From Pakistani Weddings You Could Use !

A wedding is something that everybody wants to have it the greatest function ever! We agree that outfits, makeup, and shoes matter a lot for both the bride and groom but there is something that makes the wedding even more interesting and fun!

Yes, the outstanding photographers and their concepts,…
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Indian Actresses Who Married More Than Once
Other Services, July 21 2020

Indian Actresses Who Married More Than Once

In India, marriage is considered to be a pure and sacred bond of two soulmates for saatjanams (seven births) which is believed to be made by God. No power or force can break the relationship of a husband and his wife. But what if this sacred bond becomes the reason…
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Recommended Highlighters For New Brides
Bridal Makeup, July 14 2020

Recommended Highlighters For New Brides

A bride’s makeup is one of the most essential elements of her get-up in every function. Highlighter highlights the best features of her face like eyelids, nose, cheekbones and chin and makes her face shine. It brings out the glow of her skin and gives her a natural radiance.

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Top 70 Shopping Destinations in India For The Bridal Outfits!
Bridal Shopping, July 13 2020

Top 70 Shopping Destinations In India For The Bridal Outfits!

Well, if we talk about weddings. In India, weddings carry a detailed affair that goes for four to seven days with different occasions like Hali, Mehendi, sangeet, marriage, and some others too. Each day you need to carry a different attire. So, if you are going to get married and…
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Best Kajals For The Brides Of Today
Makeup and Hair stylist, July 11 2020

Best Kajals For The Brides Of Today

Eyes are one of the most attractive physical features of a person. Women especially love to beautify their eyes using various cosmetics to make them more attractive. A bride’s makeup is totally incomplete without eye makeup and one should only apply the best products on them as they are the…
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Brides to Be Staying Fit with these Awesome Zumba Tracks during Lockdown.
Do It Yourself, July 07 2020

Brides To Be Staying Fit With These Awesome Zumba Tracks During Lockdown.

We know this lockdown has made us lazy and this affects most for the brides to be and their bridesmaids. We all know how mental and physical health is most important. It is very necessary to stay fit so that the pretty brides to be can wear their favorite outfit…
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Top Trending Wedding Favour Ideas for Intimate Weddings
Favors, July 06 2020

Top Trending Wedding Favour Ideas For Intimate Weddings

In a wedding the guests play a major role apart from the bride and groom as they are the ones who give you blessings for the beginning of a new journey and make one of the most important days of your life extra special and memorable. Your friends and relatives…
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20 Best Moisturisers for your Skin Care in Monsoon Season
Bridal Trends, July 06 2020

20 Best Moisturisers For Your Skin Care In Monsoon Season

A healthy and nourished skin is a necessity for a bride-to-be as she has to have a glowing skin so that everyone is in awe of her. Wedding functions require brides to spend hours getting ready and wearing makeup products for long hours. This takes a toll on the skin…
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Is marrying after 30 OK? Meet India's 52 HEROES who married after 30 and inspire confidence with their successful Work Life Balance
Bridal Trends, July 02 2020

Is Marrying After 30 Ok? Meet India's 52 Heroes Who Married After 30 And Inspire Confidence With Their Successful Work Life Balance

Marriage is the union of two souls, a pious and sacred relationship between two individuals which makes them a single unit. When it comes to marriage, in our country there is a stereotype especially for girls, to marry within a certain age; usually before 30. There is a lot of…
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Top 50 Online Bridal Jewellery Brands That You Can Shop from During Quarantine!
Bridal Jewellery, June 29 2020

Top 50 Online Bridal Jewellery Brands That You Can Shop From During Quarantine!

A bride’s jewellery is something that is of utmost importance in a bridal trousseau. Nothing looks more marvelous on a decked-up bride than her jewellery. Bridal jewellery is something that embodies emotions, traditions and legacy. Jewellery is passed down from one generation to other through decades. Jewellery brings out a…
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50 Styling Tips from Asian Brides you could plan for your Wedding Celebrations !
Bridal Trends, June 26 2020

50 Styling Tips From Asian Brides You Could Plan For Your Wedding Celebrations !

As we all know getting married is one of the great days of life, but there is a known fact that getting married is not that easy and stress is compulsory while getting married. If we talk about selecting proper clothes for different wedding functions, or bridal outfits, or anything…
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Best Food, June 24 2020

Most Popular Diy Dishes That You Can Try At Home In Lockdown

Cooking can help relieve pent up energy from not going to school, college or to your work place. And what is a better way to treat yourself once a while when you have so much extra time in your hands! Here we give you 50 diy dishes to try during…
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Makeup and Hair stylist, June 24 2020

100 Most Stunning Indian Brides That Set Indian Wedding Trends With Curly Hairstyles

The wedding day is every woman’s one of the most important days in her life. She wants it to be perfect and cherishes it her whole life. She dreams about every aspect of it right from the outfits to makeup, from the functions to food and from her engagement to…
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