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Planning a monsoon wedding?

Here's your guide - #Monsoonwedding101


Celebrity Wedding

Ditching the red on your D-Day

Gone are those days when brides used to be covered in red and pink from head to toe. It is an age-old tradition for Hindu brides to wear red on…....

Bridal Trends

Stunning Bridal Mom Outfits That Are In Style

Our lovely brides-to-be, we're 100 percent sure that you've already filled your smartphone gallery with outfit ideas for your wedding ceremonies and other related functions, so now it's time to…....

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas For Our Lovely Dulhaniyaas!

We said wedding, you heard dress-up and glam up time!

Well, Indian weddings are full of beautiful divas in their best outfits, looking ravishing and stealing all the attention. But…....

Bridal Style Advice

50 Ah-mazing Pose Ideas for Indian Brides to Amp Up Their Wedding Photo Album

Marriage is one of the biggest milestones in  your life because you go through a complete makeover. From being a pampered child to being a responsible woman, it’s a completely…....