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50 Gorgeous Eye makeup ideas for all the 2021 brides to be!

They say 'Eyes are the windows to the soul' and we agree to this statement. We feel that eyes are definitely one of the most beautiful attributes that deserves all…....

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Get to know about the Top Indian Makeup Artists for the Wedding!

We all know the cause of this pandemic, many couples have changed the wedding dates. So this is a great time to grab and find out about the top Indian…....

Bridal Trends

Learn about the makeup brands: Our Top 31 picks!

So, if we talk about makeup, what matters the most? The quality! Yes, that's true, we don't see cost or price over the quality of the product.

Every woman wants…....

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Bridal Makeup Trends for 2019 for a modern bridal look!

Are you still scrolling to your Instagram and other social media pages in search of bridal makeup for your wedding day? Are you confused about which colour to choose? Reds,…....

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Stunning Bridal makeup trends for this wedding season!

When it comes to daily makeup routine it consists of under-eye concealer, face powder, a dab of blush, and a swipe of black mascara but what about your big day? …....

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Bridal makeup trends: Perfect lip shade ideas!

A long-lasting and stunning lip color for the wedding day is every bride‘s dream. 
Which shade suits whom will it match with your bridal outfit, will it clash with…....

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Exciting ways to match your lipstick color to your bridal lehenga

Don't we like criticizing brides for their horrific makeup, secretly? Sometimes, it is fun to point out mistakes and figure out if someone else’s makeup is too loud or too…....