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10 Alluring Red Lipsticks Perfect for Our Dulhaniyaas!

A wedding is quite a big deal for any bride. Her heart and mind are filled with mixed feelings and she has to manage them all and flaunt a big…....

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Top 50 lipsticks shades that are trending in 2020 for the brides to be!

The bond between the lipsticks and the women is inseparable. We can say makeup is incomplete without the touch of lipsticks and it acts as a mood lifter for the…....

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup trends: Perfect lip shade ideas!

A long-lasting and stunning lip color for the wedding day is every bride‘s dream. 
Which shade suits whom will it match with your bridal outfit, will it clash with…....

Bridal Makeup

Exciting ways to match your lipstick color to your bridal lehenga

Don't we like criticizing brides for their horrific makeup, secretly? Sometimes, it is fun to point out mistakes and figure out if someone else’s makeup is too loud or too…....