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4 Ways to Add Lilac Color to a Wedding

Lilac is a light, delicate hue of violet that stands for innocence, youth, spirituality, and peace.

People always want something extravagant and out of the ordinary when it comes to selecting…....

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50 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Include Hues of Lilac to Your Wedding!

If your idea of a perfect wedding revolves around the thought ‘ Nothing Fancy, Just Love’ then you are someone who would love to go a bit off-beat while opting…....

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Your cocktail outfit has to be just the right mix of classy and trendy when you're the bride- whether it is a cocktail gown, lehenga, saree or a fusion one-…....

Wedding Attire/ Couture

Most Gorgeous Cocktail dresses and Reception gowns we spotted on Indian brides!

Gowns are one of the most popular and best outfits among the wedding community. It is so versatile! You can wear it for your cocktail party, engagement and reception too!…....